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  • HR strategy and controlling: the way to reach business goals from the human resources perspective, identifying key performance indicators

  • Organizational development: recreating organizational structures, developing systems and processes, increasing employee engagement, and dealing with change management

  • Employer branding, Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Personnel development: creating training and development strategy, implement on-boarding program, succession planning, identifying key positions

  • Creating and implementing performance-oriented mindset, with performance evaluating system, continuous feedback and how to carry-out performance reviews

  • Compensation and benefits policy: creating and developing, because it is also a continuously changing environment

  • HR audit – if you would like a 3rd party, to evaluate your existing HR system and processes, and provide guidance if it meets the requirements of the IATF standards

  • Organizing team building activities and moderating workshops

  • HR mentoring for young professionals 

Price on application.

I first reached out to Szilvi with business topics before I got promoted, but she helped me in different areas of my life. It comes to my mind several times, what we talked about on our sessions, especially when I’m solving a problem or even when I’m running. I became more organized, and lots of times I realize, I use the techniques what we discussed during coaching and mentoring.
Pellérdi Nóra, Alkalmazott & Vállalkozó angoltanár

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