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The first 30 minutes coaching session is free, during this time we can get to know each other. You describe your situation and what is your topic & goals. I will explain the process and the method. It is important that we trust each other for the coaching to be effective.


Online coaching for individuals

Usually, 3-5 sessions are required to implement changes, but it can be vary depending on the topics and circumstances.

1 session

60 mins

Are you facing an urgent decision?  

Would you like to get the most

out of it?

15 000 Ft

3 sessions

3x60 mins

Are you always in a rush?  

Don't know where your life is heading?

42 000 Ft

5 sessions

5x60 mins

Want to know yourself better?  

Develop yourself in several areas of your life?

70 000 Ft

Online and personal business coaching for companies

Bespoke pricing available for contracts with several sessions, by prior agreement

Executive coaching

60 mins

Are you always on meetings, and you don't have time to create your business' strategy?

50 000 Ft

Leadership coaching

60 mins

Do you have second thoughts about managing your team well?

40 000 Ft

Specialist coaching

60 mins

Are you in a key position and you would like a better cooperation with other departments?

30 000 Ft

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