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Gombkötő Szilvia

Coaching & HR Consulting


Hi, My name is Szilvia Gombkötő, HR Professional, coach, economist. 

I have more, than 12 years’ experience in Human Resources and people development, which I gained within the multinational automotive environment.



Want to make a change but don't know how to start?

Do you know what your goal is, but something is holding you back?

HR Consultancy for Employers

Starting a new project in your company and need temporary expertise and knowledge?

Is your organisation changing and you feel you need support along the way?

HR Consultancy for Employees

Lost in the maze of multinationals?

Are you about to change jobs and need someone to support you?


What my clients say?

I became more organized, and lots of times I realize, I use the techniques what we discussed during coaching and mentoring.

Stefán Diána

Controlling Manager

The knowledge I received was well-structured, efficient, transparent, all-encompassing, and practical. Szilvi was conscious, attentive, supportive, and fully prepared.

Sütő Tibor

IT Business Analyst – MES EMEA

I recommend her without bias and I’m sure, our sessions contributed to the fact that I’ve been promoted again.

Császár Roland

Mérnökségi csoportvezető

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